N/A x FF Chawan Matcha Bowl 3

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Handcrafted chawan (matcha bowl) by Ayumi Nojiri, ceramic artist based in NYC, made exclusively for Feature Flora. This bowl is part of our 3rd collection made in collaboration with Ayumi. Each chawan is handbuilt (without the use of a pottery wheel). Uniquely one of a kind. Hand wash only.

Dimensions: 5"w x 3.2"l
Made with black clay

*This chawan can be purchased on its own or be included in a matcha gift set.*
Details below:

Chawan (by itself): $92

FF Essential Matcha Gift Set + Chawan: $210

Feature Flora's Essential Matcha Gift Set Includes:

-Chawan (Matcha Bowl) - handmade in collaboration with NYC-based ceramic artist, Ayumi Nojiri. Since each chawan was wheel-thrown exclusively for this gift set, shape and size might vary slightly. Hand wash only.
-Chasen (Bamboo Whisk) - Made by Chikumeido
-Chasen Noashi (Whisk Stand) - Brown ceramic stand, Made in Japan
-Chashaku (Bamboo Tea Scoop) - Made by Chikumeido
-Matcha Sifter/Tea Strainer - Stainless steel sifter with a hammered handle,
Made in Japan
-Feature Flora's Okumidori Premium Matcha - 30g of high-quality matcha in black tea tin, harvested and produced in Japan, packaged in Raleigh, NC
(about 15 servings per 30g tin)
-Brewing Recommendation Sheet - in your matcha tin is a guide for preparing matcha and how to use the utensils


FF Gift Packaging: All products are cushioned using olive green crinkle paper made of recycle paper content and dyed with non-toxic and water soluble inks packaged in a matte black box and finished with twine and a risograph printed card with To and From in the back for gift labeling.



Ayumi Nojiri was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. At a young age, Ayumi was influenced and inspired by her parents who worked in fashion design. At 24, she moved to New York where she continues to explore and create.