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bicho is a speculative scent designed as a potent bug attractor, responding to a future where pollinators are increasingly treated by enfolding ecocides.

notescrushed leaves, waspy figs, jasmine, camphor

year 2050: miniature electronic pollinators are buzzing around carrying bright pollen from stomata to stomata. you've begun to miss pests, creating trails of sugar to lure ants and hiding petals in your pockets for butterflies to find you. bicho is a tool just for that. it functions as an attractor of all kinds of bugs: wasps seeking the bum of a fig, beetles crowding around jasmine, and ants looking for the sweet sap of a leaf. wear at your own risk.

30 ml / 1 oz

* bicho comes packaged in sustainable mycelium packaging.




agar olfactory is a project in speculative olfaction by augustine zegers. it imagines climate disaster and apocalyptic scenarios and the type of smell landscapes that would exist in such events. it collapses timespace any activating embodied intensities and inviting us to adjust our palettes as we peer into the future. 

as a project, it acknowledges the layered (and currently unfolding) apocalypses of our time, including, but not limited to: the sixth mass extinction event, the colonial apocalypse of 1492, and the covid-19 pandemic.

the project offers wearable olfactory works to invite sustained engagement with quantum queer time and to allow somatic alignment with future ecological states and eras.