Blanco Incense Sticks

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Handmade incense by Hyungi Park using ethically sourced woods, herbs, resins, and oils. Simply place incense in an incense holder of your choice and light the tip of the incense. Due to the handmade nature of the incense, appearances may vary.
Notes: Fresh and light, lavender and sandalwood combined with mellow notes of sage, musk, and amber.
30x sticks
Ingredients: Lavender, Amber, Sage, White Musk
Tube Dimensions:
1.18" width 
3.66" height



Hyungi Park is a Korean American artist born in Bryan, TX and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. Park obtained her BFA in Sculpture + Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

Her works recreate seemingly traditional rituals into fictionalized ceremonies with new age health trends and consecrating them. Her practice involves incense, historically used to measure time, as markers to reimagine new time structures for certain gestures. Her recent installation and digital works evolve from performances, attempting to replicate the visceral, and immortalizing it.

Hyungi currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA as tattooer, incense maker, bookbinder, designer, and runs BABOSHOP, a multi use space and studio.


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