Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil

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Rather than spraying toxic mosquito-repellent sprays directly onto your skin, repel mosquitoes using this mosquito repellent incense coil made by farmers in Aichi, Japan. Using incense to repel mosquitoes is a traditional practice in Japan. These incense coils are dried naturally to maximize the repellent and aromatic properties and effectiveness. The coils are made using only organic materials and no synthetic insecticides.


Incense Coil Ingredients: Chrysanthemum Powder, Tree Powder, Aromatic Grass
Burning time: 6 hours.
Box Includes: Each box contains 30 coils and a tin plate stand. 



Rinnesha was founded in 1977 and is owned by farmers based in Aichi, Japan. Rinnesha specializes in incense and natural insect repellents.