Pebble Tea Cup & Saucer - Black

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Inspired by pebble stones, the Pebble collection by Kinto features round shapes and smooth textures. Each cup holds approximately 6 oz and is perfect for everyday use. Pair it with the Pebble Teapot in Black. Each order includes 1 teacup and 1 saucer.

Cup Dimensions: 3.1" Diam x 2.4" H
Saucer Dimensions: 4.3" Diam x .6" H
Volume: 6 oz / 180 ml
Material: Porcelain
Made in Japan

Porcelain teapot: Microwave and dishwasher safe. Do not overheat in a microwave or heat without water. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Product size and shape varies in each item due to manufacturing process. Appearance of color glaze unevenness varies in each item. Some products may take on scorched-like texture on the surface. It is an unique glaze effect called "yo-hen", unintended color transformation show on the ceramic and porcelain after firing.


KINTO was established in 1972 and started out as a wholesaler of tableware in Shiga, Japan with a passion to create products that bring comfort and inspiration into the everyday life. Since 2010, their products have been exported worldwide.  Kinto's products range from tableware, drink-ware  to interior accessories and work to deliver products that inspire and give fulfillment with every touch and use.