Feature Flora Essential Tea Gift Set

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Feature Flora's Essential Tea Gift Set is thoughtfully curated and consists of high-quality products to elevate your tea-time routine. This set is ideal for someone who is new to tea (as it contains everything one might need to start), as well as for those who are tea drinkers and appreciates the functional beauty of quality teaware and high-quality, loose leaf Japanese green tea.

Our collection of Japanese loose leaf teas and ceremonial-grade matcha each have specific ideal water temperatures that we recommend for steeping. We highly recommend using a temperature controlled kettle like our Stagg EKG Electric Kettle by Fellow for quick heat time and precise temperature, if possible.


Feature Flora's Essential Tea Gift Set Includes:

-Bamboo Tea Scoop: made in Japan
- Your Choice Of Tea Type:
Genmaicha, Hjojicha, Sencha & Kabusecha are packaged in 50g bags (about 10 servings per bag with multiple re-steepings per serving)

Amehojicha & Tencha are packaged in 45g bags (about 15 servings per bag with multiple re-steepings per serving)


FF Gift Packaging: All products are cushioned using olive green crinkle paper made of recycle paper content and dyed with non-toxic and water soluble inks packaged in a matte black box and finished with twine and a risograph printed card with To and From in the back for gift labeling.